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Obtaining and maintaining a healthy body starts with identifying and treating health concerns. When you develop pain in your body, you want to address the situation with appropriate tools and options. Chiropractic care provides a chance to work on neck pain, back pain or shoulder pain so that you heal from injuries or problems.

Upper Cervical Treatment Solutions

At our Cumming, GA clinic, we offer upper cervical treatments to address neck pain and other pain at the top of your neck. As a specialized treatment that works with the upper cervical spine, we take measures to protect your neck while addressing the underlying cause of your pain.


A chiropractor in our clinic provides orthospinaology, or a type of specialized upper cervical treatment that involves x-rays and careful manipulation of your upper spine and neck, to address pain throughout your body. The treatment plan focuses on identifying the reasons you feel pain through careful evaluation of your spine and neck before working on a solution.

Chiropractic Therapy

Chiropractic therapy is a comprehensive solution we offer to help with pain management and good health. By adjusting and improving the health of your spine, your body functions more effectively. It also helps address back pain or other types of discomfort that develop after an accident or as a result of poor posture.

Auto Accident Treatment

Auto accidents impact your health in several ways, including the possibility of injuries. Whether you face minor injuries like a pulled muscle or you have more complex injuries like broken bones and whiplash, our treatment plans focuses on addressing your concerns and health. We provide appropriate tools based on the situation and the extend of your injuries.

Work Injury Treatment

Injuries at work cause concerns because it impacts your lifestyle and your ability to accomplish tasks in the workplace. Our team recognizes that injuries to your back, spine and neck happen in different situations, so we offer appropriate treatment solutions. A chiropractor evaluates your injuries before making a plan of action and helping you recover.

Treatments for Personal Injury 

A personal injury refers to any injury that occurs unexpectedly. It can happen when you trip and fall on a slippery surface or when you get into an accident while playing a sport. Depending on the accident, the impact on your health and physical body varies, so we take x-rays and carefully evaluate the injury before making a treatment plan.

Seeking Solutions to Recovery for the Communities of Cumming, Coal Mountain, Silver City, Chestatee, Dawsonville, and Buford, GA

When you go through an auto accident or get injured in an unexpected fall, you wan to work on healing and recovering as quickly as possible. At our clinic, we provide the tools you need to heal after an initial consultation and evaluation of your situation. 

Healing is a process that starts when you take appropriate measures to encourage healing. A chiropractor in our clinic provides the tools to heal after an injury or accident so that you recover. To learn more about our services and treatment plans, contact us today at 770-886-7070.

Have you been in a car accident? Are you in pain? Call us & be seen TODAY!

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Watts gives wonderful chiropractic care. He is caring, knowledgable, effective and sincere. I'm so glad I found him. His staff is courteous, caring and efficient.
    Thank Dr. Watts!"
    H, Marlyn
  • "Mr. Watts is an excellent Chiropractor who is very attentive to patients. He has been an excellent dr. for my past injuries. I have enjoyed having Mr. Watts as my primary goto Chiropractor."
    S, Greg
  • "I have had a great relationship with the Watts Chiropractic Clinic. I have and would recommend them."
    T, Tina

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