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Senior Chiropractic Care

Senior Chiropractic Care at Watts Chiropractic Clinic

There's no escaping the fact that we all get older. Age can bring many new joys in life, just it can also bring on new health challenges. The good news is that many age-related conditions can be managed or relieved through safe, natural treatments like chiropractic care. Here at Watts Chiropractic Clinic, our Cumming chiropractor is happy to help seniors improve their mobility, control pain, and generally get the most out of life.

Senior Chiropractic Care

How Seniors Benefit From Chiropractic Care

The human musculoskeletal system inevitably falls prey to a certain degree of natural wear and tear as the years go by. Degeneration of the cartilage that cushions joints, for instance, is a common problem; the thinning and deterioration leads to the stiffness and bone-on-bone friction of osteoarthritis. Bulging discs also become an issue as your body gets older and loses hydration. Dehydrated discs tend to become flatter and bulge outward, straining the vertebral joints and possibly pinching spinal nerve tissue. Spinal stenosis is yet another problem that afflicts many older people. Bone spurs and bony growth can compress the spinal cord or major spinal nerve roots, causing neck, back, or extremity pain.

Musculoskeletal problems can also contribute to more systemic age-related health challenges. Impingement of the nervous system can cause the entire body to operate less efficiently. This may lead to (or worsen) imbalances behind such worrying age-related problems as diabetes, high blood pressure, and internal organ dysfunction.

Drug-Free Management of Many Age-Related Conditions

Chiropractic care can help on all of these fronts. The adjustment of misaligned joints or spinal components can ease pain and stiffness, allowing for a freer range of motion as well as a more normal stance and gait. The nervous system is also free to communicate more efficiently with various physical components and symptoms, allowing for a higher standard of overall health. Our Cumming chiropractor can evaluate your current condition and any symptoms you're struggling with, prescribing both chiropractic adjustment and other natural, drug-free forms of relief such as:

  • Spinal decompression - This non-surgical therapy can help bulging discs regain their correct position in the spinal column while also drawing more water into them, restoring lost disc height.
  • Intersegmental traction - This technique uses a specialized table to increase blood flow and ease the pain in cases of spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, and pinched nerves.

Contact Our Cumming Chiropractor

Your senior years can be active, comfortable years -- without relying on painkillers to get through the day. Call Watts Chiropractic Clinic at 770-886-7070 today to schedule senior chiropractic care from our Cumming chiropractor. We want to help you enjoy every stage of your life!


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  • "Dr. Watts gives wonderful chiropractic care. He is caring, knowledgable, effective and sincere. I'm so glad I found him. His staff is courteous, caring and efficient.
    Thank Dr. Watts!"
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