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Everything You Should Know About Whiplash Treatment from Our Chiropractor in Cumming, GA

If you have been in a car accident and you are not sure whether you are suffering from whiplash, it helps to know the signs and symptoms of whiplash. You might start experiencing any of the following symptoms in about 24 hours after the accident. Whiplash symptoms include neck pain, stiffness, headaches starting at the base of the skull, tingling and numbness in your arms and dizziness. In extreme cases, the patient will have difficulty concentrating and memory problems. If you start experiencing any of the above symptoms, it is vital that you visit Watts Chiropractic Clinic for treatment from our chiropractor in Cumming.

Woman with whiplash after an auto accident.

What is Whiplash and Why Does it Happen?

Whiplash usually occurs when one’s head is quickly and forcefully thrown backward and then forward. This quick movement can cause injuries to the spine, muscles, nerves, ligaments and other tissues of the neck. It may be caused by an auto accident with rear-end collisions being a major cause. It can also be caused when a person is punched or shaken. It is a common occurrence in shaken baby syndrome. Some sports-related collisions such as football tackles can sometimes cause whiplash.

The Importance of Immediate Treatment for Whiplash

With whiplash, you might get in an accident today, but the symptoms do not manifest until a later date, and if left untreated you can get complications later. Even though you do not have the symptoms, it is vital that you visit a professional chiropractor for diagnosis and treatment. During diagnosis, your chiropractor might discover you have serious injuries that if left untreated can lead to chronic problems in the future.

How Our Chiropractor Can Help Treat Whiplash

Each case of whiplash is different, and therefore treatment is unique to each whiplash injury. Soon after your whiplash injury, the chiropractor will work on reducing inflammation on the neck by gently stretching muscles and also manual therapy techniques. He might also advise you to apply an ice pack on your neck. As the inflammation goes down, so does the pain. Once the inflammation goes down the chiropractor will use different spinal manipulation techniques depending on how severe the injury is. Some of the spinal manipulation techniques used include:

  • Flexion-distraction technique – this is a gentle hands-on technique
  • Instrument-assisted manipulation – this is a non-thrusting spinal manipulation using a specialized hand-held instrument
  • Specific spinal manipulation
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Manual joint stretching

Call Watts Chiropractic Clinic in Cumming, GA for Whiplash Treatment

At Watts Chiropractic Clinic, we view neck pain as unique to each, and we do not just focus on the problem. We emphasize on prevention as a key to long-term health. If you are looking for the best chiropractic care in Cumming, call Watts Chiropractic Clinic at 770-886-7070 to book an appointment.

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