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Watts Chiropractic Clinic in Cumming Offers Orthospinology

You might be surprised at just how many people worldwide are walking around with their heads not sitting straight on their spinal columns. Could you be one of them? An upper cervical misalignment where the spine meets the skull can produce a chain of alignment and posture problems all the way down to your feet, causing not just neck pain but a host of other musculoskeletal and neurological problems as well. Fortunately, our chiropractor, Dr. Forest Watts, at Watts Chiropractic Clinic can treat this problem through an advanced technique called orthospinology.

Orthospinology: Advanced Treatment for Neck Pain and Other Ailments

The upper cervical portion of the spine lends critical balance to the rest of the body, and yet it is also the portion most prone to misalignment. Your skull is supported by the C-1 vertebra, appropriately called the atlas, which in turn is supported by the C-2 vertebra, or axis, which allows the head to turn, tilt and rotate freely. A variety of things can disturb these vertebrae so that the head no longer sits perfectly straight on them. This shift can create numerous changes in the vector, or angle, of the spinal column, throwing the shoulders, hips, legs and feet off kilter. This means that when you stand up "straight," you're actually standing up "bent" in multiple places.

As you might expect, the uneven weight distribution of an off-balance skull can cause chronic neck pain and strained neck muscles -- but that's only the top of the iceberg. The multiple physical imbalances stemming from an upper cervical misalignment can cause aches and pain through out the body, as well as premature joint wear and interference with normal nerve function, a contributing factor in many symptoms and diseases.

Upper Cervical Treatment for Cumming, Coal Mountain, Silver City, Dawsonville, Chestatee and Buford GA

As a leading provider of upper cervical treatment for Coal Mountain, Silver City, Dawsonville, Chestatee, Cumming and Buford GA, Dr. Forrest Watts uses orthospinology to diagnose imbalances related to C-1 and C-2 misalignment. Our chiropractor begins with a thorough physical examination and posture evaluation to see how straight your shoulders, hips and head appear to be lined up. Table examination can also reveal whether one leg seems "longer" than the other due to pelvic tilt. Orthospinology also requires detailed examination of upper cervical x-rays to determine the exact degree of chiropractic correction needed to undo all of these issues.

The precise measurements associated with orthospinology ensures that our chiropractor can achieve the greatest degree of alignment correction with the greatest precision and least amount of force. This makes orthospinology safe and effective for all ages -- even babies (which is fortunate, since babies can easily suffer from upper cervical misalignment due to birth trauma). By combining orthospinology techniques with physical rehabilitation and other natural methods, we can help you maintain a straighter, more functional spine. Call 770-886-7070 today for an appointment at Watts Chiropractic Clinic!

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