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Pediatric Chiropractic

Pediatric Chiropractic at Watts Chiropractic Clinic

When you think of a visit to the chiropractor, you may envision older adults receiving adjustments for longstanding musculoskeletal problems. but did you know that even small children can benefit immensely from chiropractic care? This natural, safe healing modality works just as well on kids as it does on grownups, lending critical aid to ensure a straight, normal spinal alignment and proper function during this important development period. That's why our chiropractor at Watts Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Forrest Watts, provides pediatric chiropractic services to support all stages of a healthy childhood.


Why Children Need Chiropractic Screening and Adjustment

Childhood can be a surprisingly rough time of life - even during birth. Pressure from the passage through the birth canal can create subluxation (misalignment) in the spine and other parts of the skeleton. These small but significant issues can affect your baby's growth, development and nerve function. It might amaze you to know that even infants can safely receive gentle chiropractic adjustment from a skilled, experienced pediatric chiropractor like Dr. Watts, putting them on the road toward a lifetime of better health. As your children learn to crawl, walk, run and play, they will sustain their share of musculoskeletal bumps and jolts, which can have a cumulative effect on the posture, impair nerve function and possibly cause health issues.

Regular spinal screening and chiropractic adjustment can help the nervous system relay messages and regulate body systems correctly. Upper cervical adjustment is particularly beneficial for children. A misalignment in the upper cervical spine can lock the nervous system into "stress/protective" mode, interfering with growth and development. Upper cervical adjustments can thus prevent or relieve a wide range of childhood ailments, from digestive disorders and asthma to bed-wetting, sleep problems and ADHD symptoms.

The school years bring more challenges to children's wellness. If you've ever seen kids lugging heavy, oversized backpacks to and from school, you can imagine what that daily routine can do to the spinal column over time. Participation in sports can also man exposure to more (and greater) physical impacts, any of which can cause both cumulative alignment problems and acute injuries. Last but not least, scoliosis is a danger that tends to reveal itself during these years. This abnormal lateral curvature of the spine needs to be diagnosed as early as possible you can know what sort of treatment your child needs, if any. (Some cases are mild enough not to require significant treatment). 

Pediatric Care for Cumming, Coal Mountain, Silver City, Dawsonville, Chestatee  and Buford Kids

Watts Chiropractic Clinic is a trusted spinal health and wellness resource for children in the Cumming, Coal Mountain, Silver City, Dawsonville, Chestatee  and Buford communities. A schedule of periodic spinal screenings can reveal small spinal alignment issues in the early stages, allowing us to address them before they cause serious problems. Our chiropractor also advises parents and kids on best practices such as how to load and wear backpacks correctly. If a screening alerts us to a case of scoliosis, our chiropractor, Dr. Watts, can monitor the condition closely and point you toward the right response. Call 770-886-7070 to schedule a chiropractic consultation for your kids!

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  • "Dr. Watts gives wonderful chiropractic care. He is caring, knowledgable, effective and sincere. I'm so glad I found him. His staff is courteous, caring and efficient.
    Thank Dr. Watts!"
    H, Marlyn
  • "Mr. Watts is an excellent Chiropractor who is very attentive to patients. He has been an excellent dr. for my past injuries. I have enjoyed having Mr. Watts as my primary goto Chiropractor."
    S, Greg
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