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Neck Pain

Natural Solutions for Neck Pain in Cumming GA

We commonly use the phrase "pain in the neck" to describe something that's intensely irritating and frustrating -- and anyone who has ever experienced neck pain first hand in Cumming GA, understands that usage completely. A variety of injuries, health conditions and lifestyle issues can harm the tissues, nerves, joints and discs in the neck, leaving you with varying degrees of pain, stiffness and other uncomfortable symptoms. But if the thought of having neck surgery horrifies you, rest assured that many neck pain cases can be treated non-surgically by Dr. Forrest Watts here at Watts Chiropractic Clinic. 


Neck Pain's Many Causes

The neck is equipped with strong muscles and a remarkably flexible framework in the cervical spine, enabling it to carry the weight of your head in a variety of positions. But this area of the spine is also relatively vulnerable to damage and dysfunction. Sometimes the cause of the problem is obvious, as in an auto accident or sports impact that throws the neck and head around. The resulting soft tissue damage, nerve impingement and joint stress is called whiplash. 

Degenerative disc disease is a more subtle cause of neck pain. This complaint develops when the fluid-filled discs gradually lose water content over the years, losing height and straining the joints that articulate the cervical vertebrae. Osteoarthritis in these joints is not uncommon. A flattened disc may also herniate, pushing its inner "filling" into cervical nerve roots and disrupting their function. This impingement causes hand and arm discomfort as well as neck pain.

The muscles supporting the neck can also be subjected to strain if you have poor posture or non-ergonomic daily habits. For instance, some people suffer from "text neck" from staring down at their mobile devices all the time.

Conservative Care from Our Cumming Chiropractor

As an expert in upper cervical care, our Cumming chiropractor is ideally qualified to diagnose and treat your neck pain. Adjustments to the top two vertebrae in the spine, the axis and atlas, can provide dramatic relief in many cases of whiplash or other acute neck subluxation. This chiropractic discipline, orthospinology, can also stabilize the position of the skull, relieving longstanding muscular strain in the neck.

Intersegmental traction is another highly effective non-surgical technique for relieving neck pain caused by disc problems. Precisely-controlled degrees of flexion-distraction force are exerted on the spine, a painless process that increases the space between vertebrae and draws bulging or herniated discs back into position. This can put an end to painful nerve impingement while also supplying much-needed water and healing nutrients to the discs.

Call Today to Schedule Neck Pain Relief

In addition to the chiropractic care, our Cumming chiropractor can create an entire treatment program just for you, including soft tissue rehabilitation via massage/physical therapy and lifestyle suggestions to provide neck pain relief and help you maintain a healthier neck posture. Don't live with that pain in the neck -- call (770) 886-7070 to schedule natural relief!

Have you been in a car accident? Are you in pain? Call us & be seen TODAY!

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